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Cyclists POV 35 – Hail To The Bus Driver / Shitty Cyclist

Knee brace on, lets see how long it lasts.

High Five – Because we’re a friendly bunch.

I See An Opportunity – A small uphill section is coming up so the chance to get a tow off the bus was welcome. Unfortunately the knee didn’t like it and started screaming at me when I hit 30mph or so.

Wave Him By – I see no point in holding the bus up. If I carry on riding in front, the bus struggles to get by and traffic gets held up. If I stop and let him by everything flows a bit easier. Common sense. Bus driver said thanks too.

Could Go Faster – Speed “trap” on a 30mph road. Not bad.

Playing Chicken Or Stupid? – Both I think. Some kids just want to show off to their mates. I’m not exactly one to back down though 😉

This Is My Lane Micra – My lane positioning was definitely encouraging the driver to pull up along side (I would normally try and get central) but still, most hold back. Seems like my legs have better acceleration this time.

He Waved Me By – At the junction before he’d taken a really, really wide route to provide room up the inside but I didn’t really fancy getting squished. Around the corner I stopped behind in traffic and he moved right over and I didn’t really see any point in going forward but he waved me through so… thanks!

Scrape The Pipes – Listen and watch for the lean.

Smooth Filtering – It’s nice when you get a good line like this that I can ride straight down the middle. I did notice that one lady was texting away on her phone after editing this video though… Not the first and won’t be the last.

Shitty Cyclist – Slow and cautious when filtering but feels it’s fine to ignore the lights changing and just after a red light shows. My wording at the end describes my feelings towards him.

Music by Ryan Little


Cyclists POV 28

The “bonus” clip this week really pissed me off. You get some people that will turn in on you before an island thinking they can make it in front, but they normally leave enough room. This person however, decided to overtake in lane 2, which was empty, and then all of a sudden move back into lane 1 leaving me absolutely no room. I was so close to being knocked off! They didn’t even acknowledge me and when I rode passed and pointed to my head as a “THINK!” gesture I was completely ignored. The footage was posted on social media and got a fair amount of attention locally. Most were disgusted at the drivers actions but of course I got the blame from some delusional people. I haven’t seen the driver again…

Red Light Jump – HV08 HNF – Must have really been in a rush… or blind.

Up The Inside Is Dangerous – When people say cyclists should stick to the left, this is one example to be used against them. Not everyone checks their curb side mirror before pulling off. It felt like a close call, and was partly my fault. I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation but mirrors are there for a reason.

Close Pass – I know, I know. If you look at the last clip at see how close I was filtering to cars and compare it to this you’ll laugh and tell me to fuck off but considering the speed of that car, and that they didn’t even use the second lane, I’m saying that’s a close pass.

Great Place To Stop – Maybe the driver was picking something up, who knows, but stopping in that exact place, blocking off a set of traffic lights is pretty stupid.

Late Overtake – Thinking he could safely overtake and stop/make the left turn there was ridiculous. Especially if I had actually carried on riding.

Road Positioning – It’s a learner, yes, but whoever is teaching them should let them know you don’t stick to the left if you want to use the right lane. If you do, indicators would be a good thing to use.

SMIDSY – I don’t know what he was thinking but he held his hand up as an apology. If he’d kept on going it wouldn’t have just been me colliding with him… but the car coming the other way.

Troll Boss – Beeping and shaking his fist at me. When I heard the beeps I just thought, keep going and ignore them. Turns out it was just my boss having a laugh.

Who’s Walking Who? – That’s one excited dog!

‘Iya! – I misjudged the movement in the traffic here slightly so instead of cutting in front and holding the car back I waved them by so I could pull in. The grinning girl in the back made me laugh.

SMIDSY – DV14 AUE – See I’m not sure this was a “SMIDSY”. They MUST have seen me and just not cared I was there.

Strange Driving – I could hear the lorry behind me and kept waiting for it to overtake. It wasn’t until I looked at my rear cam I saw that he was straddling two lanes or blocking the second lane for most of the time. Random.

Music this time from Action Davis
Tracking called Rehab

Cyclists POV 25 & 26

I’m almost up to date! Just a couple more double video weeks and I’ll be there, then I’ll have more time to crack on with other projects!

The Morning Chase – I knew I could catch this guy up, he looked to be carrying more weight but to make it easy for me I decided to sit behind and wait for the hill. Of course that meant he could also pick up speed and I had to stop for traffic so he shot passed and took off in a cars slipstream. Felt like a bit of a noob there…

Near Miss – I think the Fiesta driver thought they were also a bike. Almost caused a head on there….

Keep In Your Lane – This still bugs the crap out of me. There’s TWO lanes on both sides of the roundabout so why do some people feel the need to straddle both lanes and turn in towards me as I’m about to take the island. I’m not just going to disappear!

Pedestrian – Sure, just walk out in front of the traffic when there’s a crossing RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!

Sound Effect Kid – It’s fairly easy to keep up with the traffic (30mph) along that stretch of road. Sound effect relevant.

Look Left & Right – The more I look at this, the more I wonder who would be at fault. The overtaking car or the car pulling out. I don’t think either expected the other to make a move, they just saw a cyclist and thought, “I have to get by quickly”

Lane Discipline – Same moan as above. I’m in front – I take the island in the lane first.

Filtering – Lot’s of traffic caused by the weekly collection of bins. That’s all.

Surprise! – That lorry rushed passed so much. The air displacement shook me and they definitely forced on coming cars over.

Playing? – I have no idea what they were doing. Slow to react to traffic in front, then come to a stop, only to wait for me to get along side and pull off again. Hmmm.

Space – It’s happening more and more along my route and that’s drivers looking in their mirrors and seeing me coming so they leave space. I always say thanks.

Motorbike ambitions – One day, One day!

BoxCat Games – Inspiration

This week summer hit us. Not an English Summer, a continental summer. 30+ degrees C. It was too hot for me. I did a few days riding but the heat was killing me off and I was getting slow so with the Staffs Sportive at the weekend I decided to only ride for 3 days.

There was lots of filtering and lane splitting though. The council like to start the road works season around now so traffic always backs up.

The “Bonus” clip is something I found funny. It’s actually from the Tuesday when I was filtering through traffic. I didn’t think it was wise to squeeze by the Mercedes but I’d already gone passed the lady in the red car. For some reason I decided to look at my rear cam and while skipping through landed on her reaction. It tickled me. I didn’t hold her up and she passed fine when we turned left. 6 minutes later I was filtering through traffic and passed her again but this time I got straight to the end while she had to sit in another half a mile of traffic.

Super Observant – This learner motorbike rider was great. He was constantly glancing in his mirrors both sides to check what was going on, always aware of what was around him. I think he’ll make a good rider.

In A Rush – Normally vehicles won’t pass me in that location unless I wave them by but this driver just seemed to have had enough of me and floored it. The car coming the other way didn’t really want to wait either.

Thank You – That Land Rover driver was awesome. He overtook me earlier and gave me so much room and then when I caught up he made as much space as possible for me to get by. I don’t really like filtering up the inside but when they give you that much space, who can refuse.

Traffic Lights – OK so my waving trick doesn’t always work. Sometimes I do have to stop like everyone else.

Semi Blocked Junction – See this makes traffic worse. People get impatient and instead of leaving a lane clear for traffic to filter passed they will park across the lanes to stop anyone “pushing” in front.

Look Twice – I genuinely didn’t see that BMW until I was pushing off. Brakes were quickly applied and I shuffled back!

Boxcat Games – Rolling