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Cyclists POV #36 – Rev bomb! / RTTW / Dangerous Driving

It seems these videos are gaining popularity. Thanks to all those that watch and leave a like / comment. Some of the clips in this edit were posted on social media after the incidents… some of the comments were quite interestng!

Dangerous Overtake – I’m lit up well. I wear high vis and I have two of the best front lights on the market. This was one of the videos posted on social media and while most supported me (and the tractor driver who also commented) some still had time to blame me (for being on the road etc) and the tractor (for also…being on the road). The driver didn’t come forward, no surprise there, and my cameras didn’t quite catch the reg because of the fog. After the driver got that close to me, they almost hit the tractor cutting back in. Some of the worst driving I’ve seen in a long time.

So Close – CV08 PWO – Here I am, riding along and I saw the van approaching. It’s ok, he’ll stop… I thought. I don’t think he saw me. If I’d have been a second slower, I would have been sent flying. I didn’t actually realise how close he’d come until I got home and checked the rear camera out. Scary!

Elderly Driver – This was a bit of a “facepalm” moment. Waiting for the red light I watched in disbelief as this elderly driver seemed to miss the roadworks until they were very close and then realise and adjust.

My Heart Stopped – This was another clip that was posted on social media, mainly because there have been complaints about this road being dangerous. Personally, I don’t believe any road is dangerous, instead it’s the driving, as witnessed here. The driver clearly sees me and gives me loads of space but has failed to pay any attention to the cyclist coming the other way. I saw the cyclist coming down before the driver pulled out and when they did, I was just waiting for an accident.

Check Your Blindspots – Glen’ll Fix I.T. – BK14 RVL – Don’t just pull out on my like that! I’m clearly visible.

Chancer – What more is there to say? This person just decided ti chance the gap in front of me. It paid off but it was close.

Plan Ahead – See the lorry waiting to turn right, and the hill coming up, and knowing the road, the narrowing road beyond the bridge. Well it would be a lot easier to just take a few seconds out and allow the lorry to pass instead of making them wait and chance the overtake.

The Silent Follower – I had no idea this lad was following me until we had to move out to go around the two cars. Watching it back he had a bit of a panic brake as he checked it was clear and realised I’d slowed for a split second to make sure I was clipped in.

It’s Always A Race – After I knew he was there I had to make the gap. Always. I’m the same if I see someone in the distance. I have to catch up!

Nevermind The Crossing – What, 50 meters down the road, maybe not even that?! A lovely safe crossing that will stop the traffic so you can cross safely. Instead, you chance it on the road and try and intimidate me. Nice try, I guessed it was coming.

Popularity +1: As before, just take a second to let someone out. They’ll look kindly on cyclist in the future.. hopefully.

Kids Messing About: This was the third video that went on social media. Mixed reaction really. Kids just having fun and nobody was hurt to blaming the parents and to how stupid the girls were. Of course some said I should have stopped, and maybe I should have, I didn’t really know what was behind me though and a sudden stop to move the cone could have ended in me being rear ended. Still the fact remains, while we do get into mischief as kids, running into the road to put a cone in front of traffic is pretty stupid.

Ride To The Wall Filming – Check out a couple of my previous videos for the raw video filmed on my “proper” camera. Ride To The Wall is a charity event, for bikers, to ride to the National Memorial Arboretum to pay their respects to the fallen, and those still serving in the armed forces. I decided this year to film it from the the start but also managed to catch up and ride along side them for a while. I’ll join them on a motorbike one day.

Rev Bomb – This is just something that amused me. I think he was trying to intimidate the cyclist. Little does he know I love my cars too and knew what was going to happen 😉

Music by Ryan Little / Track called I’m Sorry


Cyclists POV 31 – Extremely Close Call & Bus Drafting

That’s a fine looking Harley you have there Sir – What a bike. Gave the nod of appreciation, got one back. Score.

The Call Of A Taxi Driver – I didn’t expect the taxi to do a full loop of the island but I still wasn’t anywhere near to cutting him up. Still, I heard something shouted from the car. Can’t quite make out what though.

Trying To Block Me? – I find these people amusing. If he did actually look in his mirror and saw me, he was purposely riding the line down the centre of the road. I could have gone up the inside but I could just imagine him swerving over to block me. I only had to wait a few seconds for the road to clear before continuing…and he was still stuck in traffic.

See Me Indicating? – I checked behind (so I didn’t get my arm knocked off), indicated and luckily checked again because this driver just decided to come flying passed anyway.

This Actually Made Me Jump – Compared to other traffic, buses can be deceptively quite. It surprised me when they made the overtake, fairly close to me… and then I laughed when they continued to move over for the fresh air in front of me….

Van Cutting Corner – BJ58 EXD – The road had recently been “resurfaced” (which actually means throw down some tar and lots of loose stone and vehicles will do the rest) so there was lots of loose gravel. When I made that turn I thought I’d taken an un-natural line and hit the gravel but wasn’t entirely sure why until I looked back at the footage and saw the van was partially on the wrong side of the road.

Failing To Give Way – DN10 CKK – This boiled my blood. I was out on the Scorpio, finishing a test ride, making my way around this island when this absolute dickwad completely ignored my presence and missed me by inches. I think they did see me at the last second as a hand shot up in the window but they didn’t show any sign of remorse. A collision with that vehicle, at that speed could have killed me…

Slowly Pulls Out – I can do the speed limit down this road (30mph) but I need to keep my momentum going over this part so when this driver pulled out in front of me and then near enough stopped to make the next turn I wasn’t happy.

Audi Stereotype – So at this island it’s quite simply, right lane to go right, and left to go left. Most people want to go right so you end up having to wait for a small amount of second. Typical Audi driver doesn’t want to wait though and uses the left lane to cut out the wait and cut up anyone using the correct lane. What makes it even more laughable is they had forgot to secure the boot so it had popped open and they just carried on driving…

Braking For A Clear Island – Or should I saw braking particularly hard for a clear island. WHY?!

Smoked Out – I’d filtered passed most of the traffic and ended up behind this van. It wasn’t safe to try and make a pass so I sat behind me and as the traffic moved he booted it and I got a face full of smoke. He had to slow meters up the road though and pulled to the side to let me by with a big grin on his face. I took it as a joke, whether it was intended that way, who knows.

Polite – It can be a right nightmare to get out this junction sometimes but someone actually slowed traffic for me and allowed me out. How nice!

Watch For Cars Emerging – You might know they’re there but more often than not, they haven’t seen you.

Drafting Challenge – This road is a 40mph that goes into a 30mph. It was late evening with barely any traffic and when the bus stopped in front of me at the lights I knew I had a chance to steal a KOM. I’m not sure how well Strava reads speed because overlaying it on the video shows some fluctuation where there isn’t any but I definitely kept up with the bus. Unfortunately someone slow pulled out in front of the bus half way down the road and dropped it’s speed and I only placed 5th overall. I think the whole top 10 have been drafting for that leaderboard!

Music by Ryan Little
Song: Spaceships

Cyclists POV 30

Sometimes. I like driving. I still see a lot of stupid shit while out in the car though… This week just happened to be a week where I used the car more than the bikes.

Red Light Jump – BU64YBC – So yeh, traffic is stopped for the red light but it’s ok for them to pull out of a side road and straight through the crossing. OK.

Dangerous Driving – LM58PNF – Taxi driver, a “professional” driver. Ha. If the land rover had been a second earlier around that corner there could have been a nasty head on. The taxi driver would have been blind to anyone taking that exit and the land rover would have had to brake hard in the wet on a corner that has a sudden change in camber. Idiot

Slow it Down Kid – I’m not even sure that lad had brakes on his bike…

Beautiful Summer Weather – I think this is one of the main reasons I didn’t ride much this week. The weather changed so quickly. Five minutes earlier it had been blue skies then all of a sudden the clouds come over and I get pelted with huge rain drops. It felt like hail at times…

Near Miss – Absolutely no idea what the old jeep was thinking of doing there. He’s the one that beeped too. The Fiat had right of way and wasn’t indicating so why the jeep felt like he could just cut across is beyond me. As he went passed me I could see he only had manual windscreen wipers so maybe that was an issue…

It’s OK – I guess some people *ahem* Traffic Droid *ahem* would get all arsey if a biker did this to them but I heard him coming, he 100% saw me and checked where I was, I didn’t have to brake or change direction and he put his hand out as a thanks / sorry (I think?) so I’m fine with it.

And that’s about it…. It really was a short week of riding. Lots more riding coming up for August though. I’ve covered over 600 miles on two wheels.

Music by:
Action Davis

Cyclists POV 28

The “bonus” clip this week really pissed me off. You get some people that will turn in on you before an island thinking they can make it in front, but they normally leave enough room. This person however, decided to overtake in lane 2, which was empty, and then all of a sudden move back into lane 1 leaving me absolutely no room. I was so close to being knocked off! They didn’t even acknowledge me and when I rode passed and pointed to my head as a “THINK!” gesture I was completely ignored. The footage was posted on social media and got a fair amount of attention locally. Most were disgusted at the drivers actions but of course I got the blame from some delusional people. I haven’t seen the driver again…

Red Light Jump – HV08 HNF – Must have really been in a rush… or blind.

Up The Inside Is Dangerous – When people say cyclists should stick to the left, this is one example to be used against them. Not everyone checks their curb side mirror before pulling off. It felt like a close call, and was partly my fault. I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation but mirrors are there for a reason.

Close Pass – I know, I know. If you look at the last clip at see how close I was filtering to cars and compare it to this you’ll laugh and tell me to fuck off but considering the speed of that car, and that they didn’t even use the second lane, I’m saying that’s a close pass.

Great Place To Stop – Maybe the driver was picking something up, who knows, but stopping in that exact place, blocking off a set of traffic lights is pretty stupid.

Late Overtake – Thinking he could safely overtake and stop/make the left turn there was ridiculous. Especially if I had actually carried on riding.

Road Positioning – It’s a learner, yes, but whoever is teaching them should let them know you don’t stick to the left if you want to use the right lane. If you do, indicators would be a good thing to use.

SMIDSY – I don’t know what he was thinking but he held his hand up as an apology. If he’d kept on going it wouldn’t have just been me colliding with him… but the car coming the other way.

Troll Boss – Beeping and shaking his fist at me. When I heard the beeps I just thought, keep going and ignore them. Turns out it was just my boss having a laugh.

Who’s Walking Who? – That’s one excited dog!

‘Iya! – I misjudged the movement in the traffic here slightly so instead of cutting in front and holding the car back I waved them by so I could pull in. The grinning girl in the back made me laugh.

SMIDSY – DV14 AUE – See I’m not sure this was a “SMIDSY”. They MUST have seen me and just not cared I was there.

Strange Driving – I could hear the lorry behind me and kept waiting for it to overtake. It wasn’t until I looked at my rear cam I saw that he was straddling two lanes or blocking the second lane for most of the time. Random.

Music this time from Action Davis
Tracking called Rehab