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Cyclists POV 21 & 22

Still lots of footage to go through! I quite like this editing lark though. The more I learn the less stressed I get. How is it for you viewers?

Just a short one this time. I don’t think I rode much this week.

– That island is badly planned. Three lanes in, two lanes on the island, three lanes out. Someone always gets cut up, it just happened I was obstructed from view.

– They really wanted me to move out the way so they could finish the overtake… Unfortunately I can’t move the traffic in front.

– Behind me at the island to turn right, pulls out behind me and then tries to dip up the inside. I always move over as soon as I’m passed that first exit to let cars by (like the blue car behind). They were just impatient…

– Filtering with a motorbike. I heard the guy coming so didn’t move out when I wanted and he offered for me to go first but seeing as he has the power I thought I’d let the motorbike lead. I’m just that little bit more agile to fit through the gaps though. The oncoming traffic had to stop at one point to let him through.

– And this is one of the reasons why cyclists need a bit of space. Some, like this gent, get tired and start to wobble around.

Filmed on GoPro HD Hero 2 w/ Chesty Mount

Song: Ryan Little – Sand Castles

Early May…

– Now that’s a good driver. I indicated I wanted to turn right and despite having the chance to overtake me they acknowledged my signal and held back. Awesome.
– Cutting it fine was in reference to the overtake in this clip. I had to break to let them in. Meh
– This isn’t actually a bike lane. It’s a stretch of road that years ago ran two lanes side by side but someone deemed it too dangerous and limited the road to one lane thus creating a nice area to cycle in at the sides. It would be awesome if all roads had that space to cycle.
– Close pass. Well when a box of metal does pass you at 30+ mph it doesn’t feel nice.
– This happens a fair bit. Some drivers try and squeeze ahead of you before an island and when they realise there’s no space they either end up stradling two lanes or putting the squeeze on you.
– Overtaking on a solid white line, before a blind humpback bridge is never clever… Imagine if that car had been a little quicker…
– I never like having a large vehicle behind me so if I can pull in and wave them by I usually will.

Bonus Bad Bus Driver
Who knows what he was thinking! All the cars and me were indicating left but he still decided just to pull across and force his way in. Reported to the bus company. Not sure if anything happened.

Music by Ryan Little


Cyclists POV 19 & 20

Two videos for the price of one!

For the last month or so I’ve been following the vlogs of Casey Neistat. I found them after rewatching one of his viral videos in which he was ticketed for riding his bike not in the bike lane. I’m not really one to watch vlogs but his really caught my eye. His style and production of the vlogs really made me want to try out editing a bit more. That motivation, combined with the discovery of free music from Ryan Little (and my hard drive running out of space) has resulted in the last two evenings of me sitting down and trying out a couple of edits.

I’m now trying to work with the music and add colour and light corrections to the videos so hopefully you’ll see an improvement in quality.

#19 is just you’re standard weeks riding really but for #20 I encountered a bit of road rage. It’s posisble I was the spark but I wasn’t involved in the confrontation.

All this was from a week of weird weather in April. It was a pretty uneventful week apart from that one case of road rage. Here’s how it played out to me riding:

I saw the other cyclist filter to the front of two cars, bit of a dick thing to do but hey ho. As soon as the lights went green the two cars passed and I was able to gain quickly. I shoulder checked twice (but didn’t indicate) and pulled out to overtake. Next thing I hear is the car behind honking and all of a sudden the driver pulls in front of me on a clear road and hits the brakes. I zip up the inside, muttering under my breath and carry on.

When I got to work I decided to check the rear cam to see how close the car was to me. I saw it wasn’t that close but found out why the driver reacted so badly. The cyclist I was passing decided to give the old “wanker” gesture after the driver beeped me, which I’m guessing the driver saw and that’s why they pulled in front of me and hit the brakes. The angry cyclist then races to catch up and hits the car, at least once. Further down the road they both come to a stop.

I sent the footage in to a local news page in case anyone needed it and the driver behind the car and cyclist fighting it out go in touch to say it all got a bit heated and nasty as they stopped. Apparently the driver slammed on the brakes an the cyclist went into the back of the car. What happened after that, I don’t know but two angry road users certainly met that day!

I’ve got a lot more footage to go through so there probably will be a few more posts coming up! I’m trying to fit it all in between the two hours of riding I do a day, work and all my projects at home so I’m feeling pretty busy right now!

Spring Wolf Run – The Result


Honestly, the fitness and training didn’t really go to plan. I did two, maybe three, 3 mile runs in prepartion, along with my standard cycling. Any form of diet went out of the window months ago so building up to this event I figured my calves were going to die a horrible death again. On the winter run I’d been able to keep pace with one of my friends but since then she’s trained non stop in order to crack the hour barrier… there’s no way I could compete with that.

Still, Sunday came, the sun was shining and I was ready to go. I knew Lou was going to try and keep pace with the faster runners so my first thought was to keep behind with our slow runners but after the first set of obstacles I found myself wanting to push on. They weren’t going fast enough. I made a decision to lone wolf it.

I ran on and started tackling the obstacles solo, helping a few others out but managing to get over / up everything by myself. There seemed to be a lot more solid running on this course compared to the Winter Wolf. I missed the mud pits, deep bogs and deep wades. I missed the log crawl and the hay bails. It seemed like a much easier course.

The running was good. I kept a steady pace and my body held together. I only suffered a brief, painful stitch, but managed to push through trying not to stop. I wasn’t going to chance the swim. It’s been years since I’ve been swimming and the combination of fatigue, icy waters and lack of ability seemed like a good reason to miss it out. Before I knew it I was at 7KM and pushing through to the finish. I somehow managed to complete the course in 90 minutes. I’m sure the Winter Wolf took us over 2 hours!

My favourite part? The slide. I took a nice big run up to get all the speed I could and ended up ploughing face first into the pool at the bottom… with an open mouth… but it seemed to wake me up and give me some more energy to get to the finish.

Of course I ran with the GoPro so I’ve put together a small edit.

I honestly felt great after the run. The severe aches and pains I had after the Winter Wolf were non existant. I was a little cold and in need of a burger but I could walk! Even this morning I could jump out of bed and walk around freely. It seems I did just enough training this time to get me through!

The Summer Wolf is already being booked. It’s on the same course as the Winter Wolf so slightly tougher, but I’m going to aim to improve on the 90 minutes. Bring on the next one!


It sucked a little bit having to ride to work no matter the weather but mixing it up with the traffic is always fun. So slow on the fixie though, so slow.


No more work for 2014! Yes! Time to get the car back on the road. More of that to come though… I was out investigating today and I’m going to put together a video that explains it all but while I do that, have another edit.

I made this over the weekend. Clearing out the hard drives to free up some space I found this footage from my first 50 mile ride. I also found a site with a load of good free music, and a lot that let you use it in edits. This is the result. I really just wanted to see if YouTube put a limitation on it like they’ve done with other videos but thankfully they haven’t!

I guess I’ll start using music now!

Cyclists POV #11

It’s been a while but I’ve made a new edit.

With all my injuries healed and the car off the road I’ve been using the bikes to get around. This edit is from 5 days of cycling to work and back. I have two GoPros now too so I can film front and rear. It’s pretty tricky to get the two clips lined up but I like the all round view it gives.

Wolf Run

Honestly, I’m not a runner. I haven’t ran any sort of distance since 2008/9 maybe. Back then I was going to the gym all the time, training for a few runs but ended up training too hard and screwing up my knees. That injury was made worse by several bad falls Snowboarding which again, resulted in a twisted knee. I don’t learn though, and I don’t let injuries heal lie I probably should so every time I’ve tried to run since then my knees give way after a few hundred meters.

It only makes sense then, that I’d sign up to a 10KM outdoor, cross country, obstacle run. That’s also after putting my back out at work and not being able to do any training before the run. I didn’t think this was going to end well…

I’ll tell you what though… it was amazing.

Sure the 10km absolutely destroyed me, my calf muscles tightened up a couple of KM in and ploughing through left me unable to really walk properly for a few days but I don’t regret any of it.

It was on the 2nd November and to be honest, despite the rain it was pretty warm for a winter run. I had on base layers, t shirt and shorts and even in the water I felt warm all the way around. At the start I made really good pace, keeping up with my super fit friend who ran ahead, but we got back with our group and my energy levels dropped. The field running killed me. I find it repetitive and dull. I came alive for the obstacles though.

The mud. The mud was awesome. Crawling through it under cargo nets, running through it and ending thigh deep in a thick gloopy bog actually brought my energy levels back up. I think that’s when the adrenaline kicked in. I was more than happy to throw myself in, wade through chest deep muddy pools and river crossings. I had no energy left for running at the end but the nets and the wall climbs recharged me enough to get to the end. I felt more alive on the strenuous obstacles then on the simple “easy” runs.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity for some GoPro footage I wore my “Chesty” mount. Unfortunately the case started to steam up, and I ran out of dry clean clothes to wipe it down so the footage deteriorates throughout. Hopefully you can get a sense of the run in this 20 minute video though:

It hurt to run that far with no training but I want to do more. I’m looking at doing all four Wolf runs next year and training has already begun. Sticking to what I know I’ve got back on the bikes but I’m going to be going on weekly runs with weighted back packs to get the legs used to running. I did another 5KM at the weekend and that hurt, but it ca only get easier right?

Cyclists POV #6

Another (near enough) 3 hours in Premiere Pro tinkering with this and that has produced the latest episode. I’ve actually got so many clips like the ones I’ve used in the edit but everything that I have included has happened in the last week.

I can’t get my head around how some people can’t grasp the concept of a cyclist being on the road. I can’t understand the need to rush and overtake in a dangerous place or blast passed as I’m indicating (and yes I always do two shoulder checks to make sure). It just baffles me. I’ll admit I’m no angel on the road in my car. I like to drive fast but you’ll never catch me trying to cut up or block anyone on a bike. We share the roads, there’s no need for all the agro.