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Cyclists POV 39 – The Darkness / Spot The Cyclist / Hit & Run Driver / Friendly White Van Man


There’s been a few more subscribers lately so here’s another video!

Spot The Cyclist – Thankfully, most people have the sense to buy a light or two, even the cheapest of the cheap but see if you can spot this guy in the shadows. Dark clothes, dark bike and no lights. He’s asking for trouble!

Just A Quiet Ride Home – Until someone starts yelling out of there car for some reason… no idea who, or why.

Time To Find A New Route – This was the first evening I rode home after the clocks went back. I knew it would be dark down this road on my usual route but I didn’t expect how bad it would be. I’ve avoided that road every ride since. My main light was on full beam and the See Sense was going crazy as soon as it picked up a vehicles headlights. At least I was visible!

Bad Omens – Ambulance and Police out and about on my ride to work this morning. I should have known something would happen…

They Actually Hit Me! – KP06 HXM – This is the very first time I’ve actually made contact with a car. An extended clip with sound and a slow mo are at the end of the video. Well as you can see it was a nice bright morning. I have both lights on and I’m wearing a high vis jacket. The sun is in front of me so I’m lit up perfectly.

I was aware of the car in the side road but I wasn’t expecting the driver to pull out. It wasn’t a near miss. It was a hit. The driver was completely unaware and just carried on going. The rear passenger saw me and looks like they began to cover their face expecting me to end up through the window.

As luck would have it, I didn’t get knocked off and the bike wasn’t damaged. I turned my wheel just enough for the car to only clip it slightly. If it had been a split second later I would have been sent flying over the bonnet though.

The incident was reported to the Police. First impressions, the lady on the counter didn’t seem interested at all. When I explained someone had hit me, it was on video but I wasn’t hurt and my property wasn’t damaged she just gave me a blank look and by the tone of her voice you could see she wasn’t that bothered. I was asked to come back the evening after and have an appointment with one of their Officers.

The next evening I drove over and initially it seemed good. The Officer I spoke to said he was a cyclist too and had been knocked off earlier in the week in the same situation and it clearly seemed to anger him. He took all the details and looked at the footage but came back and said there’s no way they could ever get a prosecution for what he saw. Essentially, it was because the contact caused no damage and no injury. Hand on heart, I wasn’t after a prosecution, I only wanted to report it however the Officer said he’d go and visit the owner of the car and speak to them… scare them a bit, and get back to me.

That’s fine but that was the last I heard of it. I fully support the Police and know they have a tough job but in this case, I can see why some people don’t have any faith.

I haven’t actually seen the driver again. If I did, I’d like to have a word (and just a word, I’m not the violent type).

The 3 Speed Can’t Compete – When I’m out on my bike and see another cyclist, I automatically go into race mode and have to catch up. Unfortunately this time I was caught out on the tank and it just couldn’t keep up.

Letting The Faster Traffic Through – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Be courteous. I’m not perfect but if I get the chance to let a few cars by in a safe place, I will. It’s not the easiest road to overtake on.

White Van Man Returns The Favour – Following on from the last clip, when you’re in your car sat in traffic, it really doesn’t hurt to create a bit of room for a filtering cyclist / biker. I’d stopped behind the van initially because the gap looked like something even I wouldn’t chance but he was fully aware I was there and when he got the chance to mover forward, he created some room and waved me by. We both say thanks and carry on our journey. Peace on the road!

Pub Mural – This is a nice thing that a local pub has done recently. In honour of all those that have fallen and all those that continue to serve, they’ve dedicated a wall of their pub. It’s gotten a lot of respect from the town and I believe, even from the Nation.

Lastly, it’s dark and the weather is turning so be careful out there. It’s hard to find the motivation to ride in the dark and wet but always remember, the more you ride, the more pizza you can eat! That being said, invest in some proper lights and wear bright clothes!

Music provided by Ryan Little

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BSA Wayfarer c.1975

Introducing another £2 bicycle. Well… the frame at least.

This was another bike included in the haul I got last year. So far you’ve seen the Kerry’s (which I built into a single speed), the Rudge “Ulster Sports” and now you’ll get the chance to see the start of the oh so average BSA Wayfarer.

 photo DSC_6884_zpsrgn4vneb.jpg

I’ll be honest, this bike had me searching around for ages until I found a post that revealed the identity. I knew the bike was a 70’s BSA from the head badge at first look but seeing the serial number etched into the side of the seat tube threw me. I’ve come to expect that on earlier bikes, around the 50’s, not late into the 70’s. By this time Raleigh had their dirty little mitts into BSA and so the bike should have really had the serial number stamped neatly behind the seat tube.

 photo DSC_6887_zpsfuemicfj.jpg

 photo DSC_6890_zpspserjl83.jpg

There are no model references left on the bike. The paint is now almost completely flat with only the faint BSA transfer on the seat tube remaining. However if you look closely you can see the glistening remains of some gold pin striping. To me, that’s a nice detail but something I can’t replicate. I just don’t have the skills to do anything that detailed.

 photo DSC_6888_zpsz5j1tr44.jpg

 photo DSC_6895_zpsizak1xwv.jpg

 photo DSC_6896_zpsimnynqfy.jpg

So how did I come to discover the bike was branded a Wayfarer? Well, it should have been so obvious! I actually have a Raleigh Wayfarer that is nearing completion and combing the exact match paint and age wise with the knowledge Raleigh shared models with BSA should have led me to guessing the model. It didn’t. I was nowhere near that train of thinking. Instead I took to the Veterans Cycle Club library and searched the archives. Unfortunately there are no BSA catalogues from the 70s and even the Raleigh catalogues have no mention of the Wayfarer that I can find.

Instead Google was my saviour. Searching for a simple “BSA Ladies Bike” I went through all the pictures until I found one that matched and reading more in to the post I found out it was a Wayfarer. That knowledge unlocks a mass of Wayfarer posts all around the interwebs. It’s far from a rare bike but I wasn’t expecting that. It’s a bike people rode casually back in the day and buy now for those memories or to simply to use as a project (some being better than others…)

 photo BSAWayfarer_zps39xwg71f.jpg

 photo BSAWayfarer2_zpsrumfldce.jpg

For me, it’s just another back burner project that will get rebuilt as and when. I’ll try and rebuild it using a 70’s Sturmey Archer 3 speed (probably taken from my Raleigh Wayfarer) and find some old parts to fill in all the blank spaces. I’m not even going to attempt the pin striping but it will get the original transfers back as I know I can source them.

Now speaking of the Wayfarer… I better go and finish the Raleigh.

Cyclists POV 38 – 40MPH Cyclist / Behind The Scenes / BMW Mating Call

October is coming to an end, the 5pm darkness will arrive next week…

Speed Run – 39.6 MPH Top Speed – So I finished putting together my winter bike during this week. I’ve built up a late 80’s / early 90’s British Eagle with a nice selection of old parts. I was taking it out for a test ride and decided to see how fast I could go down Hopwas Hill even with the mudguards. That top speed would get you points / fine in a car…

You’re Not That Mini – With the potholes in my path the overtake just felt a bit close / rushed… even though it probably doesn’t look it on camera.

Left It Late – Looks like it was a 3 way stand off up until that lad decided to pull out…just before I got there. Left it quite late there lad.

Keep On Riding – I hope I’m still riding when I’m this gents age. Keep those legs spinning! I wouldn’t personally choose to ride an old shopper on the road though without a lid… To slow for my liking.

Behind The Scenes – If you haven’t already seen it, check out my review of the See Sense V2 lights. They’re some decent lights. Purely for “warning” though, they’d be no good for actually lighting a dark road so you can safely see.

The Mating Call Of A Wild BMW Driver – “Wahey, Sound Man, it looks good” or at least I think that’s what I hear. I was on Grandpa’s bike…and that’s one good looking bike!

IDGAF – Yehhhh…. Lights turn to green so that means pedestrians cross right? #swag #yolo #myhaircutwasdowntoabet

Unresponsive? – BX59KKA – Sign is switched to green, vehicles in front move off but the lorry is still sat there. Why? Yup you’ve guessed it, the guy is on his phone. The camera never sees things as well as your eyes but as he drove off he still had the phone in his hands.

Thanks to Ryan Little again for providing the free music

Stay tuned for the next episode where someone actually hits me with their car…

Cyclists POV 37 – Autumn Colours / MGIF A Plenty

Experimenting with the saturation / brightness / contrast. Hope it’s not too extreme.

Not much riding this week either! Don’t remember a reason why. Hmm

Nice & Polite – Sometimes this junction is a nightmare to get out of so it really helps when someone adds a few seconds to their journey and creates a gap for me. It’s appreciated.

Must Get In Front – Seriously this week (or the few days I did ride) seemed to attract those that just had to get in front. This BMW was a prime example. I can quite easily keep up with traffic down this road, especially in “rush hour”. They didn’t get far. The traffic was stopped a couple of hundred meters down the road and I rode right by.

Red Means Stop – Hotly debated topic when it comes to the anti cycling brigade and cyclists! Not sure what was going on with the vehicle opposite. It was a red light for them but you see them accelerate forward pretty sharply before coming to an even sharper stop. Then of course the ped crosses with his light on red as ours are changing. No biggy but I think it gave him a shock.

I Don’t Have A Choice – This is a fairly steep hill and with the mini stopped up ahead I wanted to keep the momentum going… only… I could hear the Audi accelerating up the road rushing to get passed and when I did the shoulder check I saw they weren’t going to stop the overtake.

Lane Sharing – I think this is another example of MGIF but it didn’t pay off. Initially I don’t position myself central because of the road surface but they would never have made it in front before the junction…

Look For The Bus – Because this van didn’t… Had to get in front of me quickly on a tight section and well, ending up braking sharply to squeeze by the bus.

Did He Look? – He was looking as I entered the island but definitely didn’t check where I was before entering it himself, from the wrong side of the road… Hmmm, no helmet either.

It’ll Be Dark Soon – I had some nice sunsets to ride home to this week. Autumn can be pretty grim at times but the colours on a sunny day make up for it. Soon the evening commute in the dark will begin… great.

Song by Ryan Little

New Camera – D3200 – RTTW

In 2008 I bought my very first DSLR, a Nikon D80. It’s served me well! In the 7 years of service I’ve shot hundreds of thousands of photos all over the country. Combined with some good lenses and some amazing flash gear it produced some really amazing photos but times change and in recent years I’ve only really used the camera for documenting builds. Unfortunately the D80 is now on par, in megapixel terms at least, with phone cameras and the lack of a video function was bothering me.

New camera time.

Without really doing any research I’ve ended up buying the Nikon D3200. It’s a “refurbished” unit and only cost me £150. I can use my old lenses but they aren’t compatible with the autofocus unfortunately. It has more than double the pixel count of the D80 and can record in 1080p. I’ll have to program myself to the different button layout but the few shots I’ve taken so far have been brilliant.

What I really wanted to try out though was the quality of the video recording. On Saturday I made a quick decision to grab my cameras, pack up the bike and ride out to see the convoy of motorbikes for the “Ride To The Wall” 2015 event. It’s a ride of rememberance, where thousands of bikers join together to ride to the National Memorial Arboretum and pay their respects. I decided to go and watch the biggest convoy leaving from Drayton Manor park.

I set my camera up on a tripod and left it to record the whole ride. The camera impressed me. The camera lets me do everything I wanted to do and the raw footage looks great (in my opinion). I’m aiming to get out early one morning to ride around and take some time lapses of the sunrise and in the evening of the sunset. I’d like to see how it copes with the low light and changing light. So far, I’d impressed with the quality.

As for the D80, I’ll probably end up selling it. It’s served me well but this upgrade was long overdue.

What Can £40 Buy You?

As I’ve said before, I’m always on the hunt for bargains on eBay. I don’t like spending a lot but I always end up spending too much in a month because I find these bargains. I’m still on the look out for the last piece of the puzzle in the Blue Streak build, a Benelux front derailleur. It’s a rare part, so naturally I have an eBay search set up to notify when a new listing pops up including Benelux. This time I didn’t find the part I needed but if you’re lucky, this is what £40 can buy you.

A whole heap of old tools. There’s a couple of Brooks spanners in there and a King Dick chain tool but in all honesty, I wouldn’t spend more than £10 on that lot. I would however spend £40 if it included all this.

That’s a lot of goodies right there! The listing popped up late in the evening as a “Buy It Now” style and after I’d had a look through I just had to buy it. To me, there’s a lot of useful parts in there and they’re worth a lot more than £40. The seller was fantastic too, emailing me first thing in the morning to let me know how and when he was going to post them out and when I should receive them. I got a knock at the door first thing this morning with the parcel. So here’s what I got.


Three hubs in total with one pair of GB wing nuts and a few other random wing nuts. The Sturmey Archer hub was one of the most eye catching pieces. It’s a three speed dyno hub that has a date stamp of 1967. It’s the AG model which means it has some wide ratio gears on the inside and comes fitted with a 20 tooth sprocket. It’ll go nicely on a town bike of that period to run some Dynamo lights if it all works. It definitely needs a bit of grease but cosmetically it looks pretty sound. The front hub and rear hubs unfortunately don’t have any form of stamp or marking on them so I’m a bit hard pressed to say what brand they are. The rear hub is a useful find though. I noticed it hiding in a picture on the listing. Look closely and you’ll see both sides are threaded (one side with two sets of threads). I’ve got myself a nice “flip flop” track hub here, something I can run both fixed gear with a lock ring and single speed. Very handy.


First is a 18 tooth single speed freewheel by T.D. Cross & Sons LTD., stamped “De Luxe” and “AB”. The teeth are starting to show signs of the shark fin wear, the mechanism is a little stiff and someone has really given it a beating when trying to remove it from a hub. The prong slots are completely mashed but it may still be useable… maybe. A 1961 catalogue lists this freewheel with three different chain sizes, none of which seemed to be stamped into the freewheel.

Next up is a 3 speed Cyclo freewheel (14/16/18) which is cosmetically great but the internals are not engaging as they should. I can spin it both ways by hand freely so I would say either the pawls on the inside are broken or they are completely gunked up and frozen in place. It’s a “Type B” freewheel but looking through the catalogues that are floating around I can’t pinpoint an age. A 3 speed freewheel with Type B appears on the catalogues of the 50’s and 60’s but reading on the number of teeth don’t seem to match up. It does look like the rings could be interchangeable though; there seems to be a lock ring on the rear of the freewheel.

The remaining four freewheels are all products of Regina. The first is a large 3 speed freewheel stamped G.S.Corse S.I.C.C. MERATE. There’s no date stamp that I can see and again cosmetically the freewheel looks quite good, however the mechanism is very rough. The tooth count is 16/22/25. It’s a slightly odd looking freewheel as in it almost looks like it’s missing a ring with the exposed threads and the jump from 16 to 22.

After that I have two four speed freewheels (14/16/18/20 & 15/17/19/22) both are in good condition and have exactly the same markings as the three speed, although they aren’t as abbreviated. They read Regina Gran Sport Corse – Soc.Ital.Cat.Cal.Merate. On the rear of the smaller freewheel I’ve found a numeric stamp of 1148 and on the larger freewheel a stamp of 455. The smaller freewheel seems to be siezed but the larger rotates and locks in place as it should, although it is a little rough. They look to be 70’s items so I’ve no idea what the numeric stamps on the back are for.

Lastly I have a 5 speed freewheel with exactly the same markings as the 4 speed, however the rear only has two digits stamped and they read 61. The smaller and larger rings look to be the most worn but the freewheel mechanism does work. Tooth count is 15/17/19/21/23. I think with a good service I’ll be able to use all the freewheels.


I picked this out straight away in the listing. I knew straight away it was a GB Spearpoint stem. It’s a forged alloy stem which would have polished up really well but unfortunately it’s broken. it wasn’t visible in the pictures but the handlebar clamp has sheared off so I’m afraid all it’s good for is a decorative piece.


I have three shifter which fortunately match up with the three derailleurs I have in this lot. The newest is a Huret shifter, complete with the rubber hood, dated to 1976 I believe. It’s in great condition and should work well. The second shifter is also a Huret item but this one is a few years earlier. It again comes complete with the rubber hood and although it is functioning it is in need of a complete rechrome. Date wise, it’s hard to tell. The rust is obscuring any small date stamp and the catalogues online only go back to the 70’s. I’d imagine this shifter (which is matched to the derailleur) is at earliest a 50’s part. The final shifter is a Cyclo part of the same era as the early Huret. It’s in better condition cosmetically but it came in pieces so I’m going to have to play around for a bit and get the right alignment to get it working fully.

Rear Derailleurs

This is where I knew the £40 price tag was a bargain. The first derailleur is just your standard 5 speed Huret from the 70’s. It’s clogged with grease and dirt but looks like it should function well after a clean. Once I’ve cleaned it I’ll be able to tell the specific model and the appropriate freewheel to use with it.

The two earlier derailleurs are where the money is though. The first is an early Huret. It’s not too bad cosmetically and I’m hoping the rust will clean up from near the hanger section. Mechanically, the jockey wheels are very stiff and need to be regreased but the gear selecting action seems to be fine. The second is jewel to me. It’s a Cyclo Benelux “Mark 7” 4/5 speed derailleur which seems to be mechanically sound. It will need a good service and clean but (in my mind at least) this is quite a desirable part. I spent a long time looking for one of these for my Blue Streak build and although I’ve already found one, having a spare won’t hurt. The date of this derailleur is circa 1960.


Unfortunately I don’t really have a complete set out of any of these parts so these brakes will mainly be for spares. What I got was half of a Weinmann Type 810 caliper, a complete Weinmann Type 730 caliper, a near complete GB Coureur and an incomplete pair of Raleigh calipers. The complete Weinmann I should be able to use, along with the GB once it is cleaned up but the Raleigh set are missing some essential parts and look to use the double ended cable system rather than the clamp at the caliper end.


The crank set will be a nice one once it is cleaned up. It’s a Williams crankset with a Williams 48 tooth chainring. Unfortunately the chain ring does look to be quite worn with the shark tooth shaped teeth so I think that is going to stay as a decorative piece but if I can find a replacement I will reuse the cranks. The pedals on the other hand need a lot of work. The axles are very loose and as you can see rust has displaced the chrome. I can’t make out what brand of pedals they are but I’ll have a good root around once I’ve cleaned it all off. It’s, again, quite hard to pin point the date of these. The brochures online jump from the 30’s to the 70’s. The 30’s brochure definitely shows a similar crankset but I find it hard to believe it is that old.

There were a couple of other small odds and sods in the parcel, like spokes and chains but nothing really that noteable. All in all, I think the £40 price tag was an absolute bargain and after a good clean I should be able to put all these parts to good use.

Always keep your eyes peeled on eBay!

New power.

Just a quick one really.  I’m still here, still working away but I’ve been getting the computing power sorted at home.  My laptop just didn’t cut it anymore.  To attempt to edit a video in Premiere Pro I’d have to turn the laptop on, wait a good half an hour for it to warm up and load everything it needed before closing down everything unnecessary and begin work.  Even then I could only preview about 3 seconds of footage on 1/4 quality before it began to buffer.  With me wanting to do more video work, this old setup wouldn’t have worked.

So now I have a brand new PC which, at the moment is flying.  It’s still not set up with all my programs but the editing potential is huge (when compared to the laptop).  I requested a build from Overclockers UK who, despite one little niggle, I’m quite impressed with.  The 7 day build turned out to be more of a 3 day build and when they found out a component I wanted was out of stock they immediately contacted me.  Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of mis-communication (or lack of computing understanding my end) because the quad core processor I thought I was getting, actually turned out to be the lesser dual core.  It was a case of me not understanding a term they used (probably basic for most) and it not being mentioned when I called them to sort out the out of stock components.  Never mind.  I got an upgrade on a couple of other components from that downgrade and the PC is coping well.

Hopefully this means I can get on the video front a bit more.  I’d like to film the bike and car builds I do and whatever else pops into my head.  There’s definitely plenty of bikes to build and I’ve got a few car parts sitting around waiting for a dry day to fit.



Keep your eyes and ears open for more content.

A Shameless Plug

Go and check out Stu’s artwork… Now!

You can find him on Facebook by following this link —-> HERE <—-

In all seriousness though, this is the second piece I've bought off Stu and I love it. It's a bit different to the snow scenes he usually paints and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. She's now hung, pride of place in my living room ready to greet anyone who walks through the door.

I believe this painting was again done with acrylic paints but this time the canvas (and I guess the paint too) were watered down to produce the runs. It's the layers in the acrylic and the runs I like, as well as the perfectly shaped butt of course. There's something new to discover each time you look at the painting.

So yeh, go check Stu and his art out 🙂

Shred Art

You know you’ve made it when you’ve got a bit of “Shred Art” hanging on you walls 😉

I kid, I kid. Owning art doesn’t define how successful you are but if you do find an artist that produces work you like it’s always nice to show your support by owning one of their pieces.

This piece caught my eye when I saw it pop up on Facebook. It was painted by an old colleague and friend Stu Leonard. I’ve seen pieces pop up before and really wanted to buy one but other things have taken priority however this month, after seeing this painting, I made sure I had the cash. There are lots of his pieces that I’d like to own but this one caught my eye because of all the textures I could see. I’m no art connoisseur but to me, the textured work with the acrylic really brings out the motion and environment in the picture.

The picture also reminded me of riding in Bulgaria when the clouds came down, the snow was falling and I really couldn’t see too far in front. I guess that made me want it even more, having that connection with a memory, so yesterday I went and picked it up. I love it.

I will be keeping my eye out for more work that pops up and I’m definitely looking into buying more but for now, I’m happy to say, my first piece of artwork is purchased and hanging proudly on my walls. If you like what you see and fancy giving Stu a shout, you can find his page over on Facebook here:

Shred Art