Function 88 is a blog that was started in Spring 2013.

It was founded so I could collate all my projects into one place and share them with anyone who wanted to listen and follow.  My aim is to post informative and descriptive content so that others can learn from my builds.

I’m no professional though.  Everything I do is self taught.  I have made mistakes and I will continue to make mistakes but it is how I learn.  I like my projects to FUNCTION well, that is the most important thing to me.

I hope you enjoy the read.



  1. daryl

    very interesting read with your project on your corolla, I’m planning to buy a t-sport January next year and some of your ideas has given me some inspiration. At the moment I’ve only got a 1.6 vvti 😦

  2. adam

    Had the same vsc and trc lights when messing with the steering column. You need wheel alignment and sensors resetting, this is a toyota only job and it ranges from £70-£400 depending on which one you use.
    Steven eagell toyota bedford done it for the £70, all others i called/was willing to travel to wanted nearer the £400.
    Took them about 4 hours so i was glad i had the upfront quote!

    This was back in 2012 and ive put another 50k on the car since and the lights have stayed off.
    My auto electrician that i use could get the lights off but not keep them happy.
    Hope this is helpful.

    Itll be the steering position sensor and the yaw sensor that need setting.

  3. Clive

    Hi very good on the Tsport ABS / steering rack replacement. but can you post something on how you fixed the VSC / TCR / ABS lights. ie how do you reset the ABS ecu and re calibrate the steering.

    • function88

      Hi Clive. Tough one that. I’ve not completely solved it myself. At this moment in time I know my rack isn’t completely centered with the steering column so I’ve ended up with more lock in one direction. I believe this is what’s throwing it out in my case so before I start taking the rack out and trying to align it that way I’m going to play with the tracking, get everything centered before trying a battery reset / getting a garage to plug in and reset. If that fails I’m going to have to remove the rack and refit it myself.

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