Cyclists POV 37 – Autumn Colours / MGIF A Plenty

Experimenting with the saturation / brightness / contrast. Hope it’s not too extreme.

Not much riding this week either! Don’t remember a reason why. Hmm

Nice & Polite – Sometimes this junction is a nightmare to get out of so it really helps when someone adds a few seconds to their journey and creates a gap for me. It’s appreciated.

Must Get In Front – Seriously this week (or the few days I did ride) seemed to attract those that just had to get in front. This BMW was a prime example. I can quite easily keep up with traffic down this road, especially in “rush hour”. They didn’t get far. The traffic was stopped a couple of hundred meters down the road and I rode right by.

Red Means Stop – Hotly debated topic when it comes to the anti cycling brigade and cyclists! Not sure what was going on with the vehicle opposite. It was a red light for them but you see them accelerate forward pretty sharply before coming to an even sharper stop. Then of course the ped crosses with his light on red as ours are changing. No biggy but I think it gave him a shock.

I Don’t Have A Choice – This is a fairly steep hill and with the mini stopped up ahead I wanted to keep the momentum going… only… I could hear the Audi accelerating up the road rushing to get passed and when I did the shoulder check I saw they weren’t going to stop the overtake.

Lane Sharing – I think this is another example of MGIF but it didn’t pay off. Initially I don’t position myself central because of the road surface but they would never have made it in front before the junction…

Look For The Bus – Because this van didn’t… Had to get in front of me quickly on a tight section and well, ending up braking sharply to squeeze by the bus.

Did He Look? – He was looking as I entered the island but definitely didn’t check where I was before entering it himself, from the wrong side of the road… Hmmm, no helmet either.

It’ll Be Dark Soon – I had some nice sunsets to ride home to this week. Autumn can be pretty grim at times but the colours on a sunny day make up for it. Soon the evening commute in the dark will begin… great.

Song by Ryan Little


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