Winter Wolf Run 2015

The aches are back! (But at least I can walk this year!)

Sunday, November 8th 2015.
My fourth Wolf Run and my favourite course out of the two. This year I’ve managed to run all the “seasons” apart from the Autumn, which sold out ridiculously quickly! In the Summer, I ran at Stanford Hall and found a strangely muddy course, more so than the Winter Run the year before. For this run I expected there to be lots of mud but maybe not quite as much as the Summer due to the cooler temperatures. Unfortunately the warm October and the wet start to November totally destroyed that idea. I was in for a mud bath!

Yet again, I haven’t done any running training, with the only exercise being my cycling, never the less, I was fairly confident. It was warm (base layers probably weren’t needed…) and although it was threatening rain, nothing fell from the sky. A four Weetabix breakfast, a couple of coffees and a few chocolate flapjacks and I was ready to run.

The organisers switched things up a bit this time round by reversing the course. Usually the slippy, muddy woodland section is at the start and being full of energy I can normally skip over the rough ground without a problem. The reverse course was different. By the time I hit that final section I was drained and could barely summon up the energy for a fast walk.

The course started with the swims. Now I haven’t swam in years, over 10 years, so I always avoid the first proper swim. It’s probably all psychological but with the shock from the cold water I’m convinced I’d never make it to the other side. A couple of hay bail obstacles lay before the second “swim” which were easily scaled. This “swim” is a bit deceiving. You can actually walk through it, although the water does come high up on my chest. The water was cold, but not as cold as 2014, it didn’t take my breath away nearly as much as it did the year before. The organisers had thrown something new in here too… A giant float across the river. A quick dip in the water to get underneath it doesn’t seem like much but I was seriously considering turning back and running around that section. I didn’t back down though. Although it was only a quick dive under, I really had no idea where I was or how far I’d travelled. Breaking the surface, clear of the float felt good! My GoPro didn’t like the sudden drop in temperature though and after that it really began to fog up.

The rest of the course was pretty straight forward. The usual obstacles were dotted around in different locations. I cleared the monkey bars without too much trouble, climbed the walls (having to ditch my gloves on a couple of occasions), balanced over the log walks where most were crawling and dived as hard as I could down the slide. The only obstacles that I despise is one I haven’t included in the video. It’s a big structure, with smooth telegraph poles positioned horizontally on different levels. The aim is obviously to step / jump from one to another but with the ground conditions each pole gets ridiculously slippy. Combine that with my lack of flexibility and it means I have to cling to the metal frame at the edge to even have a hope of making it across.

As for the mud, well, it was intense! The main bog seemed to have grown in size and was causing a massive bottle neck. Some brave folks were trying to get through the middle but the mud was so thick and deep (up to their waists) that they were simply getting stuck. Runners were trying to get around the edges in the shallow areas and climbing over any tree they could. I stopped for a while to help out and drag some runners free from the mud. The first guy you’ll see in the video was really tough to pull free. He was up to his waist and the amount of force I was having to put in, felt like I was about to dislocate his shoulder. I eventually got him free with the help of a fellow runner who was stuck in the mud but it wasn’t easy. One poor women to the left needed the help of 6 or so runners to dig her out and pull her free.

The mud just sucks your energy. That’s definitely what killed my energy levels and made the whole course a challenge. I’ve washed my clothes off today and my shorts and shoes were completely brown, caked in mud. I wouldn’t change it for the world 😉

It wasn’t a quick run for us. The bottlenecks we encountered and stopping to help at the bog slowed us down a lot. One of the runners I was with was also carrying an injury (and picked up another during the run) and despite his appeals for us to just run on we couldn’t leave him. It took us nearly 2.5 hours to cover just 10kM. I think the fastest runners I went with did the course in nearly 45 minutes quicker and the quickest of the weekend ran the course in under 50 minutes (We’re quite curious how that time was so fast with all the obstacles…). Despite the slow timing I had a great time. It’s a great day out and I have a laugh.

There aren’t any pictures out just yet but as soon as they’re out I’ll post some. Thanks to all the event organisers and marshalls! It was a great year of events. I’ll be back for 2016 to run all four and become an Alpha Wolf!



  1. Andy

    Fair play mate, I ran Sunday and it was such a energy drainer!! Good video, gotta get myself a GoPro as I’m going for all four next year!

    • function88

      First run or have you done them before? I’m going to try and get myself the newest tiny GoPro. The session I think it’s called. I’m only using a Hero 2 at the moment.

    • function88

      Congrats 🙂 I take it you’ve got the aches and pains after? After my first run this time last year I genuinely struggled to walk for a week! Will you be running more next year?

      • flojoeasydetox

        Oh man! I didn’t ache too badly but I couldn’t stop eating for five days. I mean, an insane amount!

        Would like to do another one next year, maybe all four the year after. Most importantly, I want to be able to do ALL the obstacles… 🙂

      • function88

        I’d take the eating over the aching any day! How long did it take you to battle the course?
        Ah go for all 4! Book early though, much cheaper! I missed the Autumn this year because I left booking till a month or so before 😦 All the obstacles. Ah yes. I think I manage them all apart from the proper swim. Definitely not a swimmer.

      • flojoeasydetox

        Oh don’t you start as well!! Getting enough grief from my team mate for not doing all four. Reason is I want to save up the pennies to do a MovNat course (check it out) which should be awesome training for more Wolf Run type things in the future.
        The swimming was fine for me but anything requiring upper body strength was impossible. Took us two hours to complete. You?

      • function88

        Haha my apologies. You should definitely look at the summer one at Stanford. Same course but warmer and the after party is better with a live band etc. MovNat looks interesting. I only had a brief look at the website but I’ll go back for more. Zoo Human. Interesting.
        Two hours is a good time for that course I think! (My excuses) What with the bottlenecks, the team mate injury and the assistance we have at the mud sucker it took us pretty much 2.5 hours to get around. For comparison, my time at the spring wolf (the other location) was around 1 1/4 hours. A lot easier!

      • flojoeasydetox

        I should have said, a great MovNat link is The Workout the World Forgot (on YouTube.) mind blowing!
        Going to try and get a big team together for the summer wolf run. See you there?!!

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