Scrap Creations.

Taking a bit of a break from the bikes has resulted in a few woody creations. They’ve gone down pretty well too, in fact, they’re selling very well.

I actually failed to sell the first one of these I decided to make. Taking one half sized pallet, filling in the gaps and raising it up a level before planking off the sides and fitting castors. It created a nice, low coffee table that can easily be moved around but nobody seemed interested. Instead of changing the design I went ahead and made another and to my surprise it caused a bit of a stir on eBay, catching the attention of a few bidders and selling for way more than I thought it would go for. The new owner seemed to love it… maybe I’ll make more!

I then decided to make this large two tier planter from some Acoya that was about to thrown out at work. Acoya is a special type of timber that comes pre treated and guaranteed for 50 years use untreated. It’s soaked in some type of solution until it is completely saturated which also means you can plane it down to smaller dimensions and it will still be protected. The only downside to this timber is it is very dense and requires a lot of pilot holes to be drilled before screwing which then leads to a lot of smoking drill bits but hey, it makes a nice planter. This was snapped up within an hour of being posted on Facebook.

I then had a message pop up asking if I could make another planter. I was given dimensions to work to and left to my own devices so I found all the offcuts I could and pieced this together. A giant 1 meter by 1 meter planter. I built it by creating a frame from 50mm square timber and then covering each side in 15mm thick planks. It was topped with some thicker 45mm timber. It’s actually too big to fit in my car so we need to find a van to get it to the new owners house. Oops.

Bird boxes! Everyone loves bird boxes! Unfortunately because they’re so easily made it’s damn near impossible to sell them. The market is saturated unless you get super creative and carve out an elaborate fantasy house. I’ll just be giving these away for free I think. You wouldn’t think it by looking at them but the timber I started with was actually around 25mm thick, bowed and twisted. A lot of careful planing later and I had the 15mm planks I needed to make these; perfectly flat.

And finally another chunky glulam coffee table. I’ve spent today honing my chisel skills once again, by carving out all the joints for this piece. I’m getting quicker and more accurate, plus my sharpening skills are getting better; not perfect, but better. The joints for this were so tight I didn’t really need the glue to hold it together 🙂 It’s currently up for sale.

I’ve got a few other requests to do soon in return for some new paintings which I LOVE. (I have one already and it catches my eye every time I walk by – It’s so cool!). Keep an eye out for another post including paintings and more woodwork.


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