Kerry’s Single Speed – Done!

This, ideally, should have been posted last Sunday. I’d laid down the primer, allowed it to dry and sprayed on the top coat ready for reassembly on Sunday. It didn’t go quite to plan in terms of colour though. I wanted a nice bright yellow bike but it seems grey primer reacts with yellow paint and turns it green. After using up all the cans I had I was still left with a green bike, however, I actually liked it. It had highlights and shadows and some character. Sunday came and I started to reassemble the bike.

Not wanting to damage the new paint in the jaws of my work stand I grabbed a cloth and wrapped it around the top tube. I fitted a brand new bottom bracket, axle and crankset, refitted the forks with new bearings and fitted a pair of used bars. When it came to fit the wheels I opened up the clamp and heard the distinctive sound of sticky paint. My heart sank. The cloth I’d grabbed had the faint smell of white spirits and while the bike had been clamped in place the paint stripper had eaten straight through the new paint right down to the metal. Devastated.

I couldn’t go any further with the assembly so I looked around for solutions. I had a can of white paint so I tried to respray the top bar in white but it just didn’t look right. I needed more of the primer and yellow top coat I’d used before. It was ordered Monday and arrived Wednesday. The whole bike was taped and covered apart from the top bar so I could respray it, but the for the final coat I removed the masking to blend in the new paint work. It covered up nicely.

I’ve spent today adding the final touches to the bike. A bit of polish here and there, double checking all the bolts and more importantly fitting the brake cables. The cables have been routed with some new cable clamps as the bike was originally designed for rod brakes. It looks tidy and I’m happy with the overall finish.

From an old battered frame to a working single speed bike. What do you think?

If you are interested the bike is for sale here.



  1. Steve

    Hi, it’s great to see you bring these bikes back to life, but there’s something we always need to watch out for (and I’ve certainly been caught out myself !). This is frame damage, and unfortunately this bike has had a shunt from the rear which you can see in the bent seat tube – the front part of the tube also has a clear wrinkle. It probably will not affect rideability unless the impact also imparted a twist to the rear fork.

    • function88

      That is something I quite honestly missed. I have quite a few more bikes in the queue so I’ll give them a thorough check over first. Thank you for the heads up. I did ride this bike a bit and it rode well. I didn’t notice any twist in the frame either, lucky that!

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